The best thing about this job is that it's ever changing and each project brings a new chance to be creative.

Hi there, thanks for stumbling across my little site here! I am a Media Creator, Filmmaker and Video Editor whose passion is to tell stories through as many different formats as possible! I've worked on Film, Documentary, VR, Live Broadcast etc...

My films and the projects I've worked on have been included in a number of festivals and nominated for certain awards including the Royal Television Society, AudFest in Los Angeles, Bolton Film Festival and Tangier Film Festival in Morocco to name a few.

Originally from Bedworth, England, I'm a graduate in Media Production at Coventry University and currently heading up a Media Department for a live events company. These days you will often see me directing multi camera shoots on larger events involving entertainers, music acts and guest speakers. On occasion, I'm an LED technician, building custom walls & operating throughout events using Resolume Arena.

Now established in the live events industry, dedicated and passionate, always working - always creating. If you have 5 minutes, take a gander at a few of my projects. I'd be eternally grateful!


Thank you

Samuel Lardner