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MORE (2017)

'A surrealist short film that explores the great lengths some take for true satisfaction'


More is the story of an unknown man desperate for relief from the alienation he feels. Such is this desperation, with the aid of a power tool, he goes to extreme lengths in his quest for feeling and satisfaction. With extreme actions come proportionate consequences. As a result of this process the character comes face to face with the nature of mortality and the terrible truth - that we are all material born and recycled from the great factory.


Shot in Coventry, UK, I helped to orchestrate filming with the Director Chris Caswell, a good friend who I studied Media Production with at university. I managed the proxy files and worked in DaVinci Resolve to online the edit and ensure the raw 4K quality was maintained.


Starring Alan Magor as the 'Unknown Man'

Written, Directed, Produced by: Chris Caswell
Director of Photography: Chris Caswell 
Gaffer: Richard Bell
Cameramen: Thomas Harries, Ezra Leese
Production Assistant: Tara Rutledge
Hair & SFX Designers: Hayleigh Burns, Carla Smith
Edited by: Chris Caswell, Samuel Lardner 
Colour/Grading by: Richard Oakes 
Sound Design by: Edward Towers
Music by: James Powley

Here is a blog post written by the PA on filming MORE:

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