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Mustapha the Weaver (2017)

'Mustapha the Weaver' is a short documentary that explores the life of an artisan from Sefrou, Morocco. Mustapha Elghorami has dedicated his life to mastering his craft as a weaver, working on a loom that is claimed to be some 400 years old. This man is an artist, through the blankets and garments he weaves and sells, he creates original pieces, each unique and individual. He has a profound impact on the local community and any who may seek out his talents. However, Mustapha feels somewhat isolated in the old city of Sefrou. He yearns for people to recognise and appreciate his work and hopes to collaborate with other artists in the textile industry.


This film invites people to step inside the walls of an old city and meet a man who embodies the life and soul of Morocco. The artisanship and skill that may be dying out as younger generations look ahead to study, seeking better paid jobs. This documentary helps to identify the reasons why we must preserve this link to the past, recognising the skills mastered over time ensuring that artisans like Mustapha are not forgotten, instead celebrated.


Director/Producer/Editor: Samuel Lardner
Camera Assistant & Sound Recordist: Ezra Leese
Translated by: Salim Ouchiker
Music by: Duncan Pittock, Igor Dvorkin, Theo Travis, Ellie Kidd & Oliver Ledbury

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