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My skills primarily surround video editing, using the Adobe Suite i.e. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition etc... I have edited short film and documentaries through to corporate and live installation pieces. Experienced using DaVinci Resolve to grade and manage data in an offline/online workflow. 

From time to time I like to get hands on as a camera operator as well, comfortable shooting on broadcast type cameras and pretty much anything Canon puts out! Guerrila filmmaking has tested my ability to work with the equipment I have available, ensuring I can be flexible in different environments. I can also offer my skills on all areas of production as well as organise a team that can facilitate your needs on larger projects.

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Working in the media department at Lemonzest Events, I often spent time creating media content for a variety of different clients. This may consist of Keynote/PPT builds with supporting content during conferences, awards ceremonies, demonstrations or Opening VTs that really kick off an event and give it that wow feeling!

On the other hand, in the event space you may find me either vision mixing a team of camera operators live to screen during an event or rigging and operating LED walls incorporating bespoke designs unique to that show. 

Constantly learning and developing! 

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